Cultivate New Southbound Innovative Talents for Future Healthcare Industry

We have recognized the significant impact of future technology, especially when confronting future trends such as aging society and unpredictable pandemics and are dedicated to areas of biomedical innovations, smart medicine, and elderly care. Large scales workshops, campaigns and bilateral events are held to gather students, scholars, experts and industry leaders. Internship opportunities in Taiwan-Thailand companies and institutions are provided. These not only promote the possibilities to join innovation or business partnerships focusing on Thailand & New Southbound markets but also create a great cultivation environment and channels for distinguished students to involve in future healthcare industry as requisite leaders in Asian and New Southbound nations.

Promote Medical Innovation Ecosystem for Bilateral and Multilateral Partnership

Both Taiwan and Thailand have the top-ranked healthcare system in the world, providing favorable environments and opportunities to develop advanced scientific research and state-of-the-art technology or applications and talent cultivation. Taiwan Center for Smart Healthcare Science and Technology in Thailand continuously involve in strengthening relationships with Taiwan, Thailand and other New Southbound countries based on SATU (President Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities) and GAIA (Global Academic Industry Alliance), creating international platforms to build a partnership with top South Asia academic institutions, research centers and industry. By working with key opinion leaders on regular international seminars, industrial visits and exchanges, joint research and innovative talent training in medical and multidisciplinary fields, we hope to contribute to a sustainable medical innovation ecosystem in New Southbound nations and explore new solutions for our future life.

Export Medical Supply Chain to Local Industry

Thailand's government implemented Thailand 4.0, aiming to prioritize healthcare industry development and make the country a world-class provider of medical care. Taiwan Center for Smart Healthcare Science and Technology in Thailand intends to promote innovative research-industrial collaboration with Thailand, especially in biomedical innovation/startup, digital healthcare and ICT for ageing well, in order to connect with local medical systems, public policies, industry needs and cooperate with key-opinion leaders and meet healthcare unmet clinical needs in southeast Asia. It will integrate home and abroad resources, cultivate new southbound talents, jointly develop medical technology and its application fields in coherence with government policies, and improve official communications of Taiwan, Thailand and ACE countries.


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